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What's This India Business? 

Offshoring, Outsourcing and the Global Services Revolution published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2004. [purchase]

What's this India Business
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Our Mission: To use our experience and knowledge, our contacts and insights, to deliver the benefits of going offshore or entering new markets to you and your customers, and also to provide the training and the management consultancy to re-energise your business.

Paul Davies

Dr Paul Davies, Managing Director of Onshore Offshore Ltd, brings a variety of experience, achievements, skills, and creativity to bear on business issues. He has been responsible for a wide range of business transformation projects, whether establishing companies offshore, providing consultancy for entering offshore markets, creating the most appropriate offshoring approaches and environments, recruiting the appropriate staff and management, managing procurement of offshore services, providing interim management, transferring TUPE contracts, and creating new business strategies. A widely published author of books on business development and offshoring, he is in demand for speaking at conferences and creating new understanding about globalisation.

With a management background in the UK and India and a sales and marketing pedigree across Europe, Paul Davies has formed a team of professionals who can address a wide range of busi-ness issues and provide solutions in business transformation, sales and marketing, manage-ment, finance, business efficiency and global talent management.

Email Paul at paul.davies@ooltd.eu

Dave Farbrother

Dave Farbrother is a financial professional and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Manage-ment Accountants. He has a BA Law degree from Nottingham and over 10 years in senior man-agement at Director level in UK and USA based companies. A main board Director with a first class track record in both large corporations and SMEs, he is a strong and capable leader who has been responsible for working capital in a £2.2bn company and raised significant amounts of funding. He has extensive experience in credit management in both large and small companies and is particularly skilled in restructuring for greater profit realisation. In a number of assign-ments for Onshore Offshore Ltd he has, for example, re-engineered the sales processes of a UK manufacturing company and integrated the finance and sales processes, and worked in the small team restoring an airline to profitability.

Email Dave at dave.farbrother@ooltd.eu

Rahul Ghose

Rahul Ghose is a management consultant whose main expertise is in international marketing and creating value through offshoring both IT and business process outsourcing. With an unrivalled knowledge of the Indian market and years of experience dealing with European and US businesses, Rahul brings a wealth of experience to his work with Onshore Offshore Ltd in order to create value for our clients. His experience is cross sector with an emphasis on network-based businesses such as transportation, utilities and telecommunications. He also works as a mentor at senior levels in organisations, and has developed a particular cultural sensitivity through several assignments abroad. He maintains an international business network which is invaluable in the assignments that Onshore Offshore usually addresses.

Email Rahul at rahul@ooltd.eu

Selwyn Abraham

Selwyn Abraham, based in Chennai, is a senior IT and business process consultant, specialising in network design and telecommunications, as well as running Onshore Offshore’s sister company in Chennai, where we provide executive search capabilities and business process outsourcing services. With experience of living and working in the UK, the Gulf and in India, Selwyn brings a breadth of skills and experience to the Onshore Offshore team.

Email Selwyn at selwyn.abraham@ooltd.eu

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