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What's this India Business
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We began our training programmes in 2005, in response to client requests for training in cross-cultural business approaches, management training, personal effectiveness and other skills such as contract management. We created our six brochures of training courses initially during 2006-2008 and have updated them since and added further courses.

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We have a range of training courses, ranging from business processes, such as developing a business plan through to business management, which includes courses on, for example, developing the sales and marketing capabilities in a company and contract management for senior managers. We also cover a range of personal effectiveness modules focused on:

• Business development

• Business analysis and business processes

• Interpersonal effectiveness

• Leadership skills

• Improving the performance of executive teams

• Presentation skills

• Staff engagement.

Our courses on succession planning and performance management cross some of these boundaries, but are a successful part of our focus on the individual.

We have trained people in the US, Europe and the UK, and trained people from India, Singapore, and S Africa. We generally present courses in English but have associates able to train in French and German.

Our main customers are commercial companies, some of whom are focused on the public sector. For example we recently trained the second level of management of a commercial company’s programme delivering services to the national schools inspection service in the UK on personal effectiveness and personal development.

OOL Training Courses

Executive Teams and Strategy: Personal Effectiveness, Management, Partnership, Design and Execution

1. Executive Teams and Strategy

2. Personal Effectiveness – overview

3. Personal Effectiveness – the interpersonal skills

4. Personal Effectiveness – communication

5. Personal Effectiveness – presentation skills

6. Personal Effectiveness – leadership and management

7. Personal Effectiveness – career development

8. Succession Planning – a strategic approach

9. Developing partnerships in business

10. Staff and employee engagement.

Management Training: Business Management and Return on Investment

1. Understanding commercial contracts for senior managers

2. Procurement best practice

3. Creating Requests for Information, Requests for Pricing and Invitations to Tender

4. Responding to RFIs, RFPs and ITTs and writing proposals

5. Supplier management strategies, including service level agreements and partnerships

6. Commercial awareness

7. Commercial risk management

8. Contract Management. Contract Administration and Supplier Management

9. Cost Management and Intelligent Cost Reduction

10. Cross border business development, contracts, procurement

11. Commercial negotiation and agreements

12. Outsourcing

13. Ease of Doing Business

Management Training: Cross Cultural Business

1. International Management – the peripatetic manager

2. International Management – the expatriate manager

3. Multi-cultural Business

4. Cross-cultural Business Awareness

5. Negotiation in International Business

6. Middle Management Training – developing a middle management culture

Management Training: Offshoring and Offshore Business Development

1. Offshoring – Business Process Outsourcing

2. Offshoring – IT and Web Development

3. Entering the Indian Market

Management Training: Marketing and Business Development

1. Modern business development – concepts and approaches

2. Marketing to underpin business development

3. Viral Marketing

4. Mobile Marketing

Management Training: Business Management

1. Benefit Management – in sales and marketing

2. Negotiation Skills

3. Business Planning

4. Sales Management

5. Sales Campaign Management

6. Managing Retention and Attrition

7. International Management – the peripatetic manager

8. International Management – the expatriate manager

9. Multi-cultural Business

10. Cross-cultural Business Awareness

11. Negotiation in International Business

12. Middle Management Training – for UK and European companies

13. Middle Management Training – developing a middle management culture

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