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What's This India Business? 

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What's this India Business
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International Executive Search and International Interim Management

Global Talent Management

Onshore Offshore Ltd has a comprehensive International Executive Search and International Interim Management service. Whether you are moving to a new country, filling an established position, or addressing short term issues, Onshore Offshore Ltd can work with you to find the right resources at the right time.

Many of our assignments start with an assessment of current operations, and we can get to the heart of issues and provide you with the right approach in country.

Our International Executive Search and International Interim Management services will find the right person, whether local or ex-patriate, for your company and the business environment. It requires more than just a knowledge of the local market and markets in India, southern Africa, the Middle East, in the UK, Europe and the US or wherever you want to establish or re-establish your company internationally. It needs sensitivity to local needs and people’s ambitions.

For you and your company, it is obviously essential to ensure a good cultural fit in the country. You will need business acumen, and an excellent network for whatever level of appointment. You will need to be sure that the person has the ability to work independently and without su-pervision but not without reference to head office. For an interim role, you will need to be assured that the person can help you not only get through the immediate period but address the issues of succession planning.

You will need far greater insight into the probity of your potential staff. You will also need processes and procedures that will protect your offshore staff and operations and give you peace of mind.

Onshore Offshore Ltd has the skills and experience, the network of commercial, professional and public sector management people, the insight into cultural and international cultural business issues, and knowledge of the local markets, to provide you with just the right people that you can have confidence in.

Whether it is the most senior positions, non executive board members, or sales people that you need, whether you are going offshore to India, southern Africa or the middle east, or going off-shore to the UK, Europe or North America, Onshore Offshore Ltd can provide you with the most appropriate people and service.

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