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What's This India Business? 

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What's this India Business
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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offshore to India

Key Benefits

  • India is focused on providing business process outsourcing and has well-established companies and processes and, particularly at the more straightforward tasks, India makes an ideal offshore environment
  • With graduates and post-graduates doing the work for you offshore, quality and reliability is enhanced
  • Your costs will be significantly reduced, whether it is for a call centre, data transcrip-tion or a more complex administration task

Onshore Offshore Approach

If your process works well onshore in-house, you will be able to transfer it effectively offshore to India. Yet choosing the right supplier or partner is crucial, understanding the appropriate criteria you need to apply in your selection is vital, and you will need to appreciate the cultural differ-ences to achieve full success.

Partner or supplier selection

You will need to select the most appropriate supplier or partner using criteria that are different from your onshore criteria - Onshore Offshore Ltd gives you the confidence to choose properly In addition Onshore Offshore Ltd also offers both business process and IT offshoring to clients with smaller requirements.

Minimising cultural pitfalls

You need to understand what differences attitudes to time and commitments may mean - and how to minimise chances of confusion and irritation. Onshore Offshore Ltd will guide you safely through the difficulties.

Benchmarking your success

If your competitors are going to use offshore resources too, it won't be enough to achieve better results than you can onshore. You need to achieve the best results that can give you a sustain-able competitive edge. Onshore Offshore Ltd is the company to help you get the best results first time - and then benchmark your performance against the best that India can provide.

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