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What's This India Business? 

Offshoring, Outsourcing and the Global Services Revolution published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2004. [purchase]

What's this India Business
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IT outsourcing to India

Most large companies by now will at least have considered, if not implemented, some IT out-sourcing to India. The cost advantages are just so compelling - without considering the other advantages. More small and medium sized companies are considering offshoring – and rightly so.

If you haven't considered outsourcing IT work to India - you need to regain competitive edge by contacting Onshore Offshore Ltd.

If you have already done so, and you aren't gaining the benefits you were promised and need, contact Onshore Offshore Ltd.

By working with Onshore Offshore Ltd you will gain the benefits of taking your application de-velopment, application maintenance, systems integration and other development projects off-shore in the most risk free way.

Onshore Offshore Ltd will solve the inter-cultural questions and issues, take away the justified concerns you may have, and ensure that you can maximise the benefits of going offshore, which include the following.

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings of the order of 50% in most IT areas, with no risk to your business or your customers' businesses
  • Greater flexibility in resources, greater responsiveness, greater focus on your cus-tomers' needs, and the highest quality of results
  • Knowing that these significant parts of your business are in safe hands lets you concentrate on your core customer and market issues.

If you would like to see the difference going offshore can make to pricing, availability, and your flexibility, go to our IT Quotation page - and ask us to give you an indication of the value we can provide.


Onshore Offshore Ltd can identify which parts of your IT environment should remain onshore and which you should take offshore.

We can help you work with recommended companies that you can select from, or provide you with a complete service.

What should you outsource?

Not all parts of your IT environment should go offshore - we can help you identify what should, what can, how to do it – and in what order.

Which Indian companies can provide the best service?

With our extensive experience we can recommend a short list and help you establish the right criteria - or we can take on the whole process and deliver the right solution for you.

We have managed the procurement process and with our cross-cultural insights and knowledge of the market drivers ensured that both sides gain the best deal for a long-standing value driven relationship.

Implementation and Delivery

We don't stop at advice and consultancy, but can take you through the whole process, ensuring that you don't just get benefits - but you gain the greatest return on your outsourcing offshore.

Ask for an indicative quotation

For an indicative quotation for a self-contained project - no matter how large or small - please use our quotation form >>

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