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What's This India Business? 

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What's this India Business
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Entering the Indian Domestic Market

Key Benefits

  • India’s domestic market is growing at nearly 10% per annum – and up to 40% in specific areas
  • The new knowledge workers in India’s economy have ever-increasing disposable incomes and an appetite for a new life style, encompassing brands and the cachet of western goods and services
  • While price sensitive, this market is maturing and now is the time to enter it and gain first mover advantage.

Onshore Offshore Approach

Understanding the way that the various market sectors in India are changing is the key. If you are in pharmaceuticals or manufacturing, the media or in high value goods, construction or utili-ties, or supplying to those industries, we can help you understand the opportunity in India and how to address it, either going it alone or with a partner or supplier or distributor.

Partner, supplier and or distributor selection

You will either need to select the most appropriate supplier or partner using criteria that are different from your onshore criteria - Onshore Offshore Ltd gives you the confidence to choose properly and avoid all the pitfalls – or you will need us to help you set up the operation your-selves.

Minimising cultural pitfalls

You need to understand what differences attitudes to time and commitments may mean - and how to minimise chances of confusion and irritation. Onshore Offshore Ltd will guide you safely through the difficulties. In your marketing and sales you may unwittingly make all the wrong moves – but with Onshore Offshore Ltd you will enter the market in the most effective way, eliminating the risks. Coping with the bureaucracy, knowing what to do when faced with corruption and the possibility of the theft of your intellectual property, is important in any market – and nowhere more so than in India. OOL can provide you with the right guidance and the best ways forward.

We can give you assurance that you are in safe hands.

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